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Probably the most popular place in the disco era was the dance club. From the very beginning of the dance club it has been considered as a microcosm of society good people make a good club, good attitude and so on benefit the club and the opposite can destroy it. A good club can go down in no time if the right atmosphere doesn't exist any more. Dance clubs are usually for people who are of the age of 18 and over,even though there are some dance clubs where underage people can go and have fun but they dont serve alcohol. The music is there, the disk jockey is there and so is the the fun. Examples of todays popular clubs for dancing are Nation, Platinum, and Lulus. Big dance clubs these days feature multi-level dance floors featuring a variety of music styles, different clubs have different kinds of music there and you can find dance clubs in which the DJ plays from hip-hop to techno to rap to rock. Dance clubs are more scarce, and usually vast, expensive, and incredibly stylish these days. If you want to get into one in an urban setting you need to dress up. Don�t try to get into a club in Barcelona looking anything less than your best.

Dance clubs are few and far between, and the music is either hip hop or techno. Dance Clubs are often booked back to back at the same location in the same night. Club Etiquette Cotillions teaches in an interactive method through games, quizzes, role play, and theme nights. Dance clubs are places where many people go to socialize and have fun. Others go because they plan to victimize and prey on young people whose decision-making skills are limited, especially in wee hours at places where access to drugs and alcohol is not difficult. Dance clubs are often indoor/outdoor affairs. Dance clubs are pick-up places. So ladies, expect "Hey Sexy "'s :) Frankly, I don't mind getting hit on in a club, because you EXPECT to be hit on in a club!

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The Disco Ball

A very important and memorable thing of the disco era is the disco ball. When you see one of these things on the ceiling of a club the first thing that crosses your mind is music and fun. That is what disco is all about. The disco ball is the central piece of every disco party. The disco ball needs to be hung from the ceiling to work the best. Then you will need a pin spot light to aim at the disco ball while it hangs from the ceiling in the room your guests are dancing in. As the disco ball spins the light will reflect off it and there you have it. Great disco fun! As the disco ball is still spinning lights are flashing, and the latest rap song is playing. The place was one huge room and the open atmosphere is something most people seemed to appreciate when we first arrived. The Disco Ball is a fun novelty as well. It can be placed in the home or office for kicks and jokes. Smaller disco balls are approximately 4 inches in diameter. Most disco balls have reflective materials on them, like little mirrors that reflect the light. Newer advanced disco balls have lights on them. They are black plastic with red, orange, yellow, blue and green light holes. The electric disco balls with the lights rotate at a fixed speed and is powered by a regular power cord. What you will see at every successful disco party is the the disco ball spinning while the BeeGees are paying. It will be like everyone is waiting for John Travolta to walk in the room and bust a move.

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Disco Music Sensation

Disco music is played at disco clubs. In the late 1970s, there were famous disco clubs such as Studio 54 in New York City. Disco music is often very simple music, with a strong beat and a strong "bass line". Disco music often has many electronic effects. Disco music is the villains' theme music -- their lair resembles a disco, complete with a large spinning mirrored ball, and their attire is pure 70s. Just for the fun of it, the super-villain's car is a Corvette limousine. Disco music is something more than what wedding bands play. Disco music is designed for making people move and have fun on the dance floor. Its driving beats almost have a hypnotic feel that makes you want to dance or at least stomp your feet to the beat. Disco music is playing, and my legs are stretched out on a plush chaise longue as I tap away on my laptop. Dancing bridges the gap between the acoustic and physical worlds, and blurs the distinction between private and public expression. Dance numbers, the Bee Gees soundtrack, and Travolta's white-suited presence, however, were the marketing hooks. With the release of Bee Gees singles timed to sell the movie and the movie becoming an ad for the soundtrack, Fever set the standard for marketing synergy several years before MTV, as the soundtrack became one of the best-selling albums of all-time and the film grossed over 100 million dollars. Dance is so important to "Saturday Night Fever" the company travels with a resident choreographer.

A few more thoughts on Saturday Night Fever

The big star of the movie was John Travolta. Travolta’s character is so uneven and unsinkable that his victories are hollow and his struggles are almost justice. What could have been a true monument to escaping horrible situations or even a study of the effects of Brooklyn on character is instead just lukewarm. Travolta's Tony is their Darwinian leader - he's the best looking and the best dancer and the best fighter. He rules the 2001 Odyssey disco, where he practically has to fight the women off with a stick (one begs for the chance to simply wipe his sweaty brow). Travolta makes Tony Manero his signature role with his boyishness and longing. He puts off the vibe that he’s got everything together but inside hes just like all of us at that age. Travolta worked for nearly eight months in preparation for this role and it shows. Travolta plays Tony Manero, a young man who lives with his down-and-out family and works at a paint store. His life is drab except for his weekly trip to the dance club where he is the king of the dance floor. The movie made disco music a great phenomenon in the 20th century and it is just to show you how a movie like Saturday night fever can have an impact on society.

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What is Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever is the best selling soundtrack album of all time, and it still sells today. First released in December 1977, Saturday Night Fever turned disco from a fad into a phenomenon, crossing over into the mainstream and infiltrating every area of pop culture even today. Based on the film's music score soundtrack, it's not hard to see why it had such an impact. The film Saturday Night Fever is simply a character study of a man who lives for the weekend, and a glimpse at how horrible he is except for when he is moving in a swirl of lights and smoke. The life around the musical segments is gritty, hard, and foul but is a great movie. Saturday Night Fever is clearly intended as a gritty portrait of Brooklyn working-class grime. At some instances, can't be laughed off as mere 70s kitsch, like Travolta's buddies mocking a gay couple or casually dismissing dance team as mere thugs. Home life is supposed to be tense, what with Tony's disapproving Roman Catholic parents. Saturday Night Fever is neither sensationalized nor sugar-coated, and while a lot of the film's popularity is built around its superior soundtrack of disco classics, the movie is also deeply heartfelt, easily relatable, and, at times, raucously funny. PSaturday Night Fever is one of those increasingly rare films that rewards you for paying attention to the symbolism. Saturday Night Fever is often noted for the 70s dancing, music, clothes etc and often viewed in a comical light for this reason. I see it as a brilliant portrayal of a people and a time. It is also the movie that placed john Travolta on the map.

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