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Probably the most popular place in the disco era was the dance club. From the very beginning of the dance club it has been considered as a microcosm of society good people make a good club, good attitude and so on benefit the club and the opposite can destroy it. A good club can go down in no time if the right atmosphere doesn't exist any more. Dance clubs are usually for people who are of the age of 18 and over,even though there are some dance clubs where underage people can go and have fun but they dont serve alcohol. The music is there, the disk jockey is there and so is the the fun. Examples of todays popular clubs for dancing are Nation, Platinum, and Lulus. Big dance clubs these days feature multi-level dance floors featuring a variety of music styles, different clubs have different kinds of music there and you can find dance clubs in which the DJ plays from hip-hop to techno to rap to rock. Dance clubs are more scarce, and usually vast, expensive, and incredibly stylish these days. If you want to get into one in an urban setting you need to dress up. Don�t try to get into a club in Barcelona looking anything less than your best.

Dance clubs are few and far between, and the music is either hip hop or techno. Dance Clubs are often booked back to back at the same location in the same night. Club Etiquette Cotillions teaches in an interactive method through games, quizzes, role play, and theme nights. Dance clubs are places where many people go to socialize and have fun. Others go because they plan to victimize and prey on young people whose decision-making skills are limited, especially in wee hours at places where access to drugs and alcohol is not difficult. Dance clubs are often indoor/outdoor affairs. Dance clubs are pick-up places. So ladies, expect "Hey Sexy "'s :) Frankly, I don't mind getting hit on in a club, because you EXPECT to be hit on in a club!

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