Disco Music Sensation

Disco music is played at disco clubs. In the late 1970s, there were famous disco clubs such as Studio 54 in New York City. Disco music is often very simple music, with a strong beat and a strong "bass line". Disco music often has many electronic effects. Disco music is the villains' theme music -- their lair resembles a disco, complete with a large spinning mirrored ball, and their attire is pure 70s. Just for the fun of it, the super-villain's car is a Corvette limousine. Disco music is something more than what wedding bands play. Disco music is designed for making people move and have fun on the dance floor. Its driving beats almost have a hypnotic feel that makes you want to dance or at least stomp your feet to the beat. Disco music is playing, and my legs are stretched out on a plush chaise longue as I tap away on my laptop. Dancing bridges the gap between the acoustic and physical worlds, and blurs the distinction between private and public expression. Dance numbers, the Bee Gees soundtrack, and Travolta's white-suited presence, however, were the marketing hooks. With the release of Bee Gees singles timed to sell the movie and the movie becoming an ad for the soundtrack, Fever set the standard for marketing synergy several years before MTV, as the soundtrack became one of the best-selling albums of all-time and the film grossed over 100 million dollars. Dance is so important to "Saturday Night Fever" the company travels with a resident choreographer.

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