A few more thoughts on Saturday Night Fever

The big star of the movie was John Travolta. Travolta’s character is so uneven and unsinkable that his victories are hollow and his struggles are almost justice. What could have been a true monument to escaping horrible situations or even a study of the effects of Brooklyn on character is instead just lukewarm. Travolta's Tony is their Darwinian leader - he's the best looking and the best dancer and the best fighter. He rules the 2001 Odyssey disco, where he practically has to fight the women off with a stick (one begs for the chance to simply wipe his sweaty brow). Travolta makes Tony Manero his signature role with his boyishness and longing. He puts off the vibe that he’s got everything together but inside hes just like all of us at that age. Travolta worked for nearly eight months in preparation for this role and it shows. Travolta plays Tony Manero, a young man who lives with his down-and-out family and works at a paint store. His life is drab except for his weekly trip to the dance club where he is the king of the dance floor. The movie made disco music a great phenomenon in the 20th century and it is just to show you how a movie like Saturday night fever can have an impact on society.

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