What is Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever is the best selling soundtrack album of all time, and it still sells today. First released in December 1977, Saturday Night Fever turned disco from a fad into a phenomenon, crossing over into the mainstream and infiltrating every area of pop culture even today. Based on the film's music score soundtrack, it's not hard to see why it had such an impact. The film Saturday Night Fever is simply a character study of a man who lives for the weekend, and a glimpse at how horrible he is except for when he is moving in a swirl of lights and smoke. The life around the musical segments is gritty, hard, and foul but is a great movie. Saturday Night Fever is clearly intended as a gritty portrait of Brooklyn working-class grime. At some instances, can't be laughed off as mere 70s kitsch, like Travolta's buddies mocking a gay couple or casually dismissing dance team as mere thugs. Home life is supposed to be tense, what with Tony's disapproving Roman Catholic parents. Saturday Night Fever is neither sensationalized nor sugar-coated, and while a lot of the film's popularity is built around its superior soundtrack of disco classics, the movie is also deeply heartfelt, easily relatable, and, at times, raucously funny. PSaturday Night Fever is one of those increasingly rare films that rewards you for paying attention to the symbolism. Saturday Night Fever is often noted for the 70s dancing, music, clothes etc and often viewed in a comical light for this reason. I see it as a brilliant portrayal of a people and a time. It is also the movie that placed john Travolta on the map.

Saturday Night Fever

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