The Disco Ball

A very important and memorable thing of the disco era is the disco ball. When you see one of these things on the ceiling of a club the first thing that crosses your mind is music and fun. That is what disco is all about. The disco ball is the central piece of every disco party. The disco ball needs to be hung from the ceiling to work the best. Then you will need a pin spot light to aim at the disco ball while it hangs from the ceiling in the room your guests are dancing in. As the disco ball spins the light will reflect off it and there you have it. Great disco fun! As the disco ball is still spinning lights are flashing, and the latest rap song is playing. The place was one huge room and the open atmosphere is something most people seemed to appreciate when we first arrived. The Disco Ball is a fun novelty as well. It can be placed in the home or office for kicks and jokes. Smaller disco balls are approximately 4 inches in diameter. Most disco balls have reflective materials on them, like little mirrors that reflect the light. Newer advanced disco balls have lights on them. They are black plastic with red, orange, yellow, blue and green light holes. The electric disco balls with the lights rotate at a fixed speed and is powered by a regular power cord. What you will see at every successful disco party is the the disco ball spinning while the BeeGees are paying. It will be like everyone is waiting for John Travolta to walk in the room and bust a move.

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